Zero Waste Travel Essentials For A Lighter Footprint

Zero Waste Travel Essentials For A Lighter Footprint

How To Travel & Leave No Trace

Sometimes it feels as though our zero-waste habits take a backseat while we are on-the-go; leaving a trail of wrappers, plastic and disposable items in our wake. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves, no matter what we do and where we go, waste is inevitable. It’s how we choose to handle it, and even plan ahead to avoid the waste, that really counts. Besides, traveling is for living in the moment and is meant to be enjoyed! can use this zero-waste checklist to help reduce waste on every adventure.

So, Conscious Travelers, whether stamping passport or taking a road trip, here’s guide on how to tread lightly wherever go. And if going the extra mile, give the DIY Travel Hand Wipes a shot, too!

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