Solo Travel For The Socially Anxious

Solo Travel For The Socially Anxious

Have Traveled Alone?

At some point we have all fantasized that we could pull an Eat, Pray, Love like Julia Roberts and go explore a new country on our own, while also finding ourselves (and maybe a Javier Bardem in the process.)

It can seem daunting to take those first steps or even know where to begin when wanting to travel alone—travel is stressful. There is no way around it. The research, planning, cost; it all plays a part. Through my travels I have found the confidence to venture into the unknown and embrace the unexpected, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Benefits of Solo Travel

“It’s a new kind of stress, solely relying on yourself, but one which will be greatly rewarded once get into the swing of it.”

Solo traveling when socially anxious can be kind of perfect. Not ~having~ to talk to anybody don’t want to, or knowing that if accidentally talk a stranger’s ear off about country music conspiracy theories, (thankfully) never have to see them again. Solo travel is amazing: no waiting on others schedules, and no eating where don’t want to. It’s a new kind of stress, solely relying on yourself, but one which will be greatly rewarded once get into the swing of it.

Self care is, thankfully, at the forefront of many people’s minds now. And one of the ways to bring a new act of self care into life, besides sheet masks, is through traveling. It’s like pressing a reset button, and helps refresh our mundane daily duties. It can be overwhelming to imagine solo traveling at first, but across the board everyone I have met who has gone on a solo trip has loved it.

Solo traveling gives a sense of confidence I have yet to encounter in other experiences. It’s like become CEO of yourself, totally in charge of actions with nobody to tell what to do, see, or eat. Feel like staring at a painting of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers all day? Go for it—nobody will be there to rush. Interested in salsa dancing but always been too embarrassed to try it at home? The probability of running into people know in Spain is very small, so dance heart out. get to become the that have always wanted to be, if only for a little while, but those skills and discoveries will weave their way into everyday life once get back.

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