Beauty BBQ: 6 Summer Recipes Rich In Beauty Foods

Beauty BBQ: 6 Summer Recipes Rich In Beauty Foods

Beauty is more than skin deep.

There are fruits, vegetables, adaptogens, and a myriad of treats that do more than fill bellies—they are the foundation of a radiant exterior. Beauty foods are easy to incorporate into diets with any budget. Spend time in any grocery store or on sites like Thrive Market or CAP Beauty and find these bountiful goodies at fingertips.

While beauty foods break down within a body, they enhance it. They fortify our organs and encourage a healthy gut, vibrant skin, thick hair, and strong nails. Eating beauty may sound like a fad but, contrarily, it is part of a thoughtful lifestyle. (See The Good Trade’s roundup of ingestible beauty supplements here.)

Now envision a barbecue. Burgers, cheese, chips, and booze. Delicious. How does this meal help, though? Barbecues are hard to navigate in this age of conscious eating. There are so many questions to ask about our food now. Are the burgers GMO-free? Do the buns contain gluten? How much sugar is in the pie? All these questions can take the fun out of summer’s most anticipated pastime.

A caring host and considerate food prep can change that. Ditch the normal party fare, and opt for healthier recipes—ones that taste as great as they make feel. Sprinkle beauty foods into the menu and watch guests glow.

Need guidance? Some of our favorite wellness and health food gurus helped us create a menu to get started. Cook. Devour. Enjoy.

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