8 Organic & Fair Trade Teas We’re Sipping On

8 Organic & Fair Trade Teas We’re Sipping On

Fair Trade & Organic Tea Morning And Beyond

It’s no secret that our team at The Good Trade are big fans of tea. find us sipping cup after cup, enjoying its calming and rejuvenating benefits. Regular tea alone, however, can be made of leaves covered in pesticide or sourced by underpaid and overworked farmers. Instead, we can choose to support organic and fair trade tea brands that are hand-picked and hand-crafted.

We’ve rounded up eight brands who are paving the way in fair trade and organic tea practices. From supporting workers cooperatives to using sustainable packaging, these teas are going the extra mile to ensure both people and planet remain cared for. So snuggle up, get the kettle going, and get ready for a cuppa that’ll get day started on the right foot.

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